Chlorine and hair - how to reconcile


On sunny days or in an afternoon meeting with friends, it is almost impossible to resist the pool and the dives. However, although very fun, the pools are not so harmless to the health of our hair.
The chlorine removes the natural hydration of the hair, leaving the sensation and visual of "rough". The amount of damage this can cause by weakening and removing moisturizing protection from the surface of the wires depends on the time, frequency of exposure, and the level of chlorine in the water. Without the protective layer, chlorine reacts directly with the pigmentation and proteins of the hair, which can cause the "green" impression on people with lighter hair.


To avoid damages, take note of our tips:
  • Wear a cap
If you are an athlete and your contact with the pool is weekly, it is essential to wear a cap. To avoid rubbing the threads too much, first use a fabric cap and, on top, the latex cap.
  • Do not let chlorine act
Wash the wires as soon as they come out of the pool water, even before they dry out. An anti-waste shampoo can also be a good choice if you do not have chemicals in your hair. Hydrations  should be constant (at least once a week) and the quick action masks and ampoules are more than welcome.
  • Wet your hair before entering the pool
Wet hair with water (no chlorine!) before entering the water. The explanation is that, thus, the wires will already be saturated with water, avoiding that the contact with chlorine is so harmful.
  • Care for your tips
The part of the hair that first undergoes the effects of mixing water with chlorine are the ends of the strands. If it is not hydrated enough, the hydrations will not be able to reverse the damage, and the only possible solution will be the cut. So do not give up a good tip repairer in your routine.

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