How to use modeling brushes to change your look
Sometimes we are tired of the same look and we want to change it, but we do not know how. A great option are the modelers and electric brushes. Versatile and full of technology, they are a great option and can do wonders for your yarns in various styles! Check out below some tips to vary using these products:
  • Wash hair with moisturizing line shampoo and change conditioner through mask to keep wires disciplined longer.
  • Apply a leave-in antifrizz action and remove excess moisture with the dryer.
  • To ensure the perfect smoothness, use a hot-air brush, which runs from the root to the ends with the bristles facing inward, as if you were combing the wires. The straightener should be used with the hair totally dry, only for finishing.
To model
  • The trick to a moving brush is in the preparation. Use a volume shampoo and a mild conditioner not to weigh.
  • Spray texture spray all over the hair, including the root, and dry using your hands.
  • Rotary brushes, when used at the same time as the dryer, create right waves. Already the so-called magic brush, which only heats, should be used alone. With the appliance upright, wrap the wicks one by one on the bristles, hold for ten seconds and release.
Curly or waves
  • On styling day, dispense the conditioner. This helps create texture and increases the duration of the effect.
  • Pass a definition cream with thermal protection. If you want more defined curls, dry with a diffuser.
  • Choose the babyliss according to the desired effect. The wider the apparatus, the more open the wave. Automatic modelers - which spin and wind the hair on their own - are easier to use than the others. But take care: Use thin wicks for not tangle up the hair.

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